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Via ferrata in Geiranger

Try Explore's new via ferrata along the Geiranger River and the dynamite waterfall. The ferrata consists of four parts that are connected by a Nepal bridge between each part.

In Explore's nature park you get to experience the hidden natural gem the Dynamite waterfall, in the middle of Geiranger. The nature park has a via ferrata integrated in the cliffs along the Geirangerelva and the waterfall. Along the ferrata you move through varied nature from birch forests, steep cliffs and waterfalls. The Ferrata follows the river up towards the Dynamite waterfall and continues on the upper side. Via the ferrata is divided into four parts where each part is connected by a Nepal bridge that crosses the river. This is not a demanding ferrata, but it is varied and gives you a intimate nature experience. You will definitely feel the forces of nature when you balance just above The Dynamite waterfall.The nature park consists of 4 ferrata parts and 4 ziplines. The idea behind the nature park is to give guests a varied nature experience by climbing, balancing and flying through nature. The zipline itself is built with two parallel ziplines over four stretches. This means that two people can fly simultaneously through the entire nature park

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Via ferrata in Geiranger

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