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Surf in Nordfjord

Hoddevik, a beautiful bay on the western coast of the Stadtlandet peninsula, surrounded by majestic mountains and white sandy beaches.

Surf skills: Beginner to Intermediate
Season: All year

The secluded location has created a close-knit surf community, where you’ll quickly get a sense of belonging. Feel at one with nature, as you take your surfing to the next level surrounded by the dramatic landscape of Norway.

In many ways, Hoddevik is the essence of Norway. Experience the wild beauty and rawness of the landscape, combined with warm-hearted people and close-knit way of life. This is not your typical surf destination, but for many, it becomes their favourite. Escape the crowds and surf your heart out on your northern adventure. Take in the scenery hiking with your friends, experience stargazing as you’ve never done before, and enjoy the trip down the iconic winding road to Hoddevik during sunset.

Last updated: 03/12/2024

Source: Nordfjord

Surf in Nordfjord

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