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Rogn Camping

General information:
Rogn camping is located along the E16 by the Begna river, also known as Storåne. Many people visit here for fishing, paddling in the river, hiking, or simply an overnight stay on their travels. Rogn camping is situated at the beginning of Kongevegen over Filefjell. We offer eight cabins, each accommodating 4-6 persons. There is also plenty of room for caravans, motorhomes and tents. The campsite has its own sanitary facilities with shower, toilet, washing machine, plus more.

Trip tips:

About five kilometers west of the campsite is the first leg of Kongevegen over Filefjell - or the last stage if approaching from the west. The trip to Kvamskleive is accessed by a single-track road and offers great natural and cultural experiences. From the campground you can drive or cycle along the E16, or one can walk on the east side of the waterway to the start of the Kongevegen stage. If you need transport, it can be arranged. From the campsite there are many other wonderful tours in the local area, such as Hugakøllen.


Local information / details about the local flora and fauna can be given upon request.

Contact Information:
Nils Rogn
(+47) 97601655


Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Rogn Camping

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