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Breathe in breathe out - glamping in the norwegian nature!


Breathe with nature while spending the night in a glass-igloo 

Some of the most beautiful sceneries in the eastern part of Norway will be the backdrop as you create unforgettable memories from your stay in nature. The experience of these glass-igloos will give you tranquility as you live in total symbioses with nature, while still enjoying the glamour that makes your stay comfortable. The igloos are easy accessible, but still far enough into the woods to make sure you will not be disturbed by others during your stay. 

The Treehugger and The Moose-trail 

45 minutes outside Oslo, accessible by public transportation, you can stay with us in these two igloos in Aurskog named after the attributes of the location. The Treehugger provides intimacy with a variation of Norwegian vegetation where you can find your zen, forget about the hustle of your everyday life and explore the typical Norwegian forest surrounding you. The iglo is also an easy 7-10 minutes walk from a farm where you can cuddle in with alpacas if your heart beats for these fascinating animals. 

Further into the woods, The Moose Hut iglo is located. You will have an open landscape all to yourself with spruce trees dominating the vegetation. You might just wake up to our proud national animal walking peacefully by (no promise though). Not to worry, they are shy of people. 

There are plenty of activities in close proximity to the igloos, so depending on your need and wishes, you can either keep busy with hiking and paddling, or you might just enjoy the peace of the forest. 

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