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The fantastic beach in Hoddevik at Stad, on the west coast of Nordfjord, is a popular destination for surfers all year round.

In Hoddevik, at the outermost tip of Stad, you can stroll barefoot on white sand surrounded by steep mountainsides. There are amazing views when driving down the hairpin bends.
Hoddevik is a favourite among surfers from all over the world. It’s ideal for surfing in extreme wind conditions because of the high mountains that shield the beach from the worst of the wind.

Maybe the word surfing makes you think of palm trees and tropical temperatures in southern climes. Surfing in the beautiful coastal landscape at Stad is every bit as exotic. These fantastic beaches have long been hidden surfing gems, but more and more people have now discovered the joy of surfing out here at the ocean's edge.

Hoddevik is also the starting point for the hike to the top of Mosekleivhornet mountain.

Source: Nordfjord



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