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Hamaren is a walking trail by Lake Fyresvatn that is universally designed and suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, prams and wheelchairs.

Hamaren is a universally designed trail suitable for all user groups. The trail is located right at the lake Fyresvatn and is surrounded by beautiful pine forest and an exciting rock formation called Klokkarhamaren. Here, you have opportunities for various activities, and we hope you will enjoy yourself in this fantastic outdoor area.

The treetop trail 
You can take a stroll through the forest 15 meters above the ground. The new treetop trail is a spectacular 1 km long and 2 meters wide plank boardwalk that extends on pillars all the way to the top of Hamaren (Klokkarhamaren). At the end of the trail, there is an observation circle with a diameter of 45 meters, providing a fantastic view over lake Fyresvatn.

The treetop trail is designed by Denmark's leading architectural firm, EFFEKT, and is intended to provide everyone with the opportunity to go on a hiking trip in Fyresdal, regardless of their physical abilities.

Universal trail
Total length: approximately 3.5 km
Terrain: easy
Walking time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

The trail runs along the water, past Munkhola, before entering a wooden bridge constructed like a timber chute, reminiscent of the logging era in Fyresdal. The path then continues on a spectacular pedestrian bridge around the southernmost point of Hamaren before transitioning back into a timber chute towards the outdoor kitchen and barbecue hut.
Further along, the trail goes north along the water towards Grunnviksbukta. When you reach the outdoor kitchen, you can choose to cross over to Gimle school and perhaps take a trip to the top of Hamaren.
If you choose to continue straight ahead, you will arrive at a beautiful platform by the water's edge and the northernmost barbecue hut at Hamaren. On the southern route, you follow an asphalt road past Gimle school and the kindergarten, then return to the pier park and Fyresdal Business Park on a gravel road.

In addition to the loop trail, there are many intersecting paths throughout Hamaren.
The trail to Klokkarhamaren, the highest peak at Hamaren (343 meters above sea level), is gravelled.
The most frequently used trails are signposted and marked on the map.

Rest areas
Along the trail, you will find tables and benches suitable for a pleasant rest. Along the way, you can enjoy your packed lunch or prepare your own food in the barbecue hut or the outdoor kitchen. You can also use the bonfire site at the top, Klokkarhamaren. Additionally, there are several nice spots to stop for a rest, eat your packed lunch, or simply relax and enjoy the view.

Signposted cycling trail
In the heart of Hamaren, there is a great cycling trail built by Bike Solutions from France. The trail is one-way, which means you cycle up one road and down another. The trail is signposted, and it is important that everyone follows the signs. The cycling trail is suitable for everyone and is graded as an easy (blue) trail.
From the blue trail, there is a detour graded as a difficult (red) trail. This is a descent for those with more experience. The trail was built by students at Gimle school under instruction from Bike Solutions. At the top of the cycling trail, the students have created benches and tables for resting.

Nature trail
Here in the park, you can learn more about local wildlife, plant species, tree types, history, and adventures through informative nature signs. The signs are tailored to preschool children and elementary school students, but even adults can learn something from these information signs. The signs are placed in locations that correspond to the themes, some close to the trail, while others are a bit further away. The map will show you the locations of the different signs. Small arrows along the trail and paths will guide you in the right direction.

Renting SUP boards
Fyresdal municipality has 4 SUP boards available for free lending. For more information, please contact the Tourist Information.

Treetop trampoline
In the summer of 2021, Hamaren received its own treetop trampoline. The trampoline is mounted approximately 3 meters up in the pine trees and measures 5x5 meters. It has high walls, allowing you to jump and bounce as you please. To reach it, you'll need to climb a rope ladder. Once you're up there, you can jump and bounce, with multiple people at a time. You can also lie down and look up at the treetops or even spend the night. Alcohol, cigarettes, and sharp objects are not allowed.

Climbing park
In the fall of 2021, Hamaren got its own self-organized climbing park. The climbing park, delivered by Høyt og Lavt, is designed so that you can use it without safety equipment. Here, you can climb on nets, balance, zip line, or swing on a coconut. It's very popular for both young and old.

The Bear and the Fox
In December 2021, a completely unique climbing element for children was unveiled—a 3.5-meter-high bear made of steel and wood, designed and created by Valebjørg Design. Children can climb into the bear and inside, they will find a glowing heart filled with exciting little figures. In addition to the bear, a fox has also been set up in the same design.

How to get to Hamaren Activity Park
Driving directions: Follow Fv 355 to Fyresdal. Take off to Fyresdal community center. Parking and start: shortest distance to the tree topp walk from the car park at Fyresdal community centre.

Source: Vest Telemark



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