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Hafrsfjord is best known from Norwegian history for the great Viking battle of Hafrsfjord. There are also great hiking trails and swimming areas here.

Hafrsfjord is situated north at Jæren and is 9 km long and leading to the airport. The depth of the fjord varies from 3,5 m to 60 m which means that large boats can not enter the fjord. In the north there is a bridge, Hafrsfjord brigde, where it is possible to cross the fjord. Hafrsfjord is known through the Norwegian history as the place for the battle that united Norway to one kingdom in 872. King Harald Hårfagre (Harold the fairhair) won that battle and settled at Utstein, which later became a monastery. People have lived in the area around Hafrsfjord long before the battle. In 1879, the petroglyph field at Fluberget at Hestnes was discovered and a few years later, two bronze horns were found in Revsheimsmyra nearby. The petroglyphs are from the Bronze Age, approx. 1800 - 500 BC. The whole area around Hafrsfjord is rich in ancient memories.

Source: Region Stavanger



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