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Bryggen Tracteursted

Bryggen Tracteursted serves traditional food based on solid craftsmanship a modern cuisine inspired by Norwegian and Hanseatic traditions.

You can visit us for dinner, a snack or just a glass of wine. Come and enjoy our tasty dishes in a truly unique setting. The menu is influenced by culture and traditions from ancient days to our modern day contemporary kitchen. A great outdoor area ensures absolutely unforgettable midsummer nights. Bryggen Tracteursted also offers a selection wide range of local beers and our own version of Norwegian tapas "smakfulle småtterier"! Spanish Tapas have become a gastronomic phenomenon. We serve small delicate dishes which will give you rich and tasty meal. The way of serving is considered a very social experience. The Norwegian cuisine with its many specialties lends themselves particularly well to this kind of dining. We can offer: Drinks, lunch, dinner, and set menus. A bit of history: Bryggen Tracteursted is located on historic grounds at Bryggen.  The wharf in Bergen is known worldwide as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, the centre of historical Bergen and a must for any visitor. In the middle of Bryggen you will find Bryggen Tracteursted – reopened - with respect for its historical surroundings and with an ambition to restore its reputation as one of Bergen 's quality restaurants. Bryggen Tracteursted consists of "Schøtstuen" - the Assembly Room, the Firehouse - representing the kitchen and in the back the Stable and the Hayloft. Svensgårdens Schøtstue - anno 1708 - is a protected site and the only of its kind left in its original location. The word Schøtstue comes from "skytningsstova" the place where you shared your food with others. With its authentic environment in the heart of Bergen, Bryggen Tracteursted can offer: •    À la carte restaurant for drop-in guests •    Corporate events •    Private events; baptisms, confirmations and weddings Our capacity and facilities: •    The Restaurant Bryggen Tracteursted: Total 160 Guests •    "Ildhuset" in main floor: 40 Guests – private facilities •    "Schøtstuen" at the 1st Floor: 60 Guests – private facilities •    "Høyloftet" at the 1st Floor: 20 Guests – private facilities •    Outdoor seating  

Source: Visit Bergen


Bryggen Tracteursted

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