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Woldsnore camping in Namsskogan Wildlife Park


Could you imagine waking up in the middle among the nordic predators in Namsskogan Familiepark (Wildlife park)?
Now you can book yourself in 5 exclusive lavvus which is located right by the bear and wolverine enclosures. Sleeping on a warm reindeer hide you may be lucky and wake up to wolves howling on starry winter nights, or hear one of our bears wandering about during the summer. You can wander the park on your own, in your own temp. Excotic and special, all year around!

Practical information :

 - Up to 5 persons in each lavvu. Excellent for families or friend-groups.

 - Toilets are a few steps away from lavvu.
 - You can pre-order breakfast at our hotel, and buy dinner here in the evening.
 - You can bring your own food for the campfire if you want. We provide wood and other equipment for the campfire. 
 - Bring your own sleeping bags or contact us and we can guide to the nearest rental.

- Remember to bring a flashlight. 
- and bring a CAMERA. You will get excellent opprtunities to photograph the animals, after hours. 

Contact us for more information. 

Source: Visit Namdalen


Woldsnore camping in Namsskogan Wildlife Park


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