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West Cape

496 meters above the sea, on the mountain plateau Kjerringa, are beautiful Vestkapp which is one of the most spectacular view points on the coast of Norway.

The mountain cliff is almost flat at the top and plunges steeply into the sea. Vestkapp is a tourist destination with flat width, steep slopes and impressive panoramic views in all directions. On good weather days, there is a panoramic view in all directions, to Sunnmørsalpane, Hornelen, Ålfotbreen and the fearful city sea.

At Vestkapp you will find the worst and best weather, the best view and a unique history with distinctive cultural traditions. Vestkapp gives you extreme experiences in comfortable surroundings.

The area is known for varying weather, from the mirror-shaded sea to storm and hurricane. In a short time, fog can cross the Kjerringa and the Western Cape. The sea road around Stad and Vestkapp is notorious for its currents and rapidly changing weather. Many ships have even gone through these waters, which are referred to as one of the most hardy areas in Norway.

On the few kilometers from the herring map in the south to Ervik in the north, a total of 58 shipwrecks are located.

Source: Nordfjord


West Cape

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