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Walking path along Hafrsfjord

Nice hiking & biking path along Hafrsfjord, which is easily accessible all year round. Total length is nearly 9 km. New parking lot with access via Regimentveien.

Møllebukta by Hafrsfjord is a popular outdoor area, and there are hiking trails both north and south. These are illuminated and thus also accessible in the dark. At the big car park, exercise equipment has also been set up.

In 2016, the section Møllebukta - Håhammer was opened. The hiking trail with several creative solutions, where a bridge almost floats around the mountain, was awarded the DOGA badge for 2017 (Design and Architecture) - the first time that landscape architecture was considered for the badge. Among other things, saws have been used to remove rocks, which gives a completely different experience of the 900 million-year-old rock than if dynamite had been used.

The trip north from Møllebukta can be divided into stages. The section Møllebukta - Håhammer is 2.2 km. From Håhammer via Madlasandnes to Hestnes it is 2.5 km and from Hestnes to Hafrsfjord bridge it is 2.7 km.

The hiking route south along Madlaveien follows the fjord and is 1.4 km long and paved.

Last updated: 09/12/2023

Source: Region Stavanger

Walking path along Hafrsfjord

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