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Trollvar Nature Park

Trollvar Nature Park is beautifully situated between three rivers, about 7 km from Mosjøen town centre. One of the highlights is the Troll Seat, where a troll is said to have waited for more than a hundred years for a bowl of sour-cream porridge, but in vain.

In the park are also giant’s cauldrons, insect ponds and enchanted tarns. Visitors can enjoy canoeing on a tranquil river, and rafting through gentle rapids. In addition, you can test your rodeo skills on a mechanical bull, enjoy archery and paintball duels, take the pole-climbing challenge, try axe-throwing or pedal go-karting. Or perhaps you want to visit Rävskøro, the skeleton cave? Winter adventures In the winter you can go bob-sledding, go ski-jumping and try mogul-skiing. There is a steep hill for more challenging sled-rides. You can even try snow-rafting or snow-canoeing, hilarious delights for onlookers as well as participants. Facilities for rent Two lodges, "Kveldssol" and "Karandakøto", are available for gatherings and group events. A traditional lavvo tent is also available for rent. In addition, there is a barbecue hut, a hot tub and a sauna idyllically situated by the mouth of the Kvanndalselven river in Tveråga. Important information All visits to Trollvar Nature Park must be booked in advance, regardless of which activities you would like to partake in. Please call Knut Tverå on mobile +47 900 11 404, or email them at post@trollvar.no. Also, check out their website, trollvar.no. How to get there Trollvar Nature Park is situated in Tverådalen, 7 km from Mosjøen town centre. To get there, cross the bridge and drive towards the airport, turn right at Nes and follow the signs to the Nature Park. Drive up the valley and 700 m past the paintball facility. The park is on the right-hand side of the road. Trollvar requests that all visitors be considerate and environmentally conscious in the park.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

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Trollvar Nature Park

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