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Trollfjell Unesco Global Geopark


A geological adventure through millions of years. Trollfjell geopark is an area where you experience and learn more about a geological heritage of national and international importance. A geopark is an area with a unique geological natural heritage of international value. The geology of Trollfjell Geopark tells exciting stories of how the special coastal landscape has been shaped over 500 million years. In 2019, Trollfjell was recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The story of how the island of Leka came into being is quite spectacular. Leka shows a complete cross-section through an old seabed crust that was pushed up when America and Europe Asia clashed together 400 million years ago. Here you can actually walk on the earth's interior. Other stories tell of ice ages that have formed the bedrock and created unique geological phenomena, including the characteristic mountain Torghatten with a hole throughout.
The Geopark is located on the largest continuous beach area in Norway, called Strandflata. This beach surface (Strandflata) is unique in a global context and was excavated in the bedrock in the zone between sea and land when the ice melted away after the last ice age. It is a fantastic island kingdom with thousands of islands, islets and reefs, surrounded by shallow waters and adventurous magical mountains.
Trollfjell Geopark extends from Leka in the south to Vevelstad in the north. Tour suggestions and more information can be found at

Walking and Hiking in the geopark
There is a great variety of nature experiences that will fit most people in Trollfjell Geopark.
Here you can hike in either flat or hilly landscape or on mountaintops that range from 200 to 1058 meter. Many of the geo sites in the park can be experienced along hiking trails. There are a little more than 70 marked hiking trails with varying difficulties.
You can find several tour brochures at the tourist offices, but here are two examples;

Brønnøysund - Torghatten Geology Trail:
The hat-shaped mountain with a hole throughout has created wonder and experience for travelers for many hundreds of years. An iconic mountain on an iconic coastline, a geological monument of processes that create our landscape. The Torghatten mountain has not only a geological narrative in it, but also the one about the people who first came to this part of the world, the one about the beach surface as the basis of life for generations, and the one about deep mythology interwoven with human survival in the harsh coastal environment.
Torghatten is one of the most significant attractions in the region. The hole is 160m long, 35m high and 20m wide, and is experienced as a mighty cathedral. The view through the hole is spectacular.
There are 3 trails marked in the area around Torghatten. Up and through the hole, up the mountain and around Torghatten. During the tour you will find QR codes where you can read about how the landscape has been created and how the hole has emerged.

Vega - Guristraumen geology and botany trail
Trollfjell Geopark has organized a geology and biology trail along the hiking trail to Guristraumen on Vega. The tour is marked, and along the way you will find signs with information about plants and geology. The area is a selected cultural landscape, and the bedrock is calcareous sedimentary rocks that provide a rich plant life with many orchids.

The path to the Guristraumen is full of interesting experiences and both locals and visitors from many countries walk here. There are always questions about orchids and special rock formations.
Mona Gilstad is the Troll Mountain Guide and offers guided tours out to the Guristraumen. Contact:

There is also a marked hiking trail between Eidem and Sundsvoll on Vega. Here you can experience the Vega granite, pebbles, frost weathered mountain formations, and the beautiful little island Søla.

Paddling in the geopark
The archipelago in Trollfjell Geopark is great for paddling. You can find a scenic route regardless which direction the wind blows. You will get close to the elements since the archipelago consists of 13.000 islands, islets and skerries. There are registered about 250 hatching bird species in the area, and from the kayak you can get close contact with birds such as eagle, eider ducks, goose, oystercatcher and black guillemot. You can take a break in one of the many small and sheltered bays or paddle out to the open sea if you want a more challenging experience.

Bicycling in the geopark
To cycle along the coast at slow speed is very popular. This is what you would call “slow travel”; bicycle a little, hike on a mountain, eat good food and get a great night’s sleep. The area is relatively flat, so it is easy to cycle for the whole family. One recommended bicycling route is to start at Leka and cycle northwards. You can bicycle the whole way, or you can take the Hurtigruten from Rørvik to Brønnøysund and continue exploring the islands on bicycle.
When starting in Brønnøysund, bike to the mountain Torghatten on a day trip, 15 km each way. Here there are several possibilities for both refreshments and a snack on the trip. A trip to Tilrem, 7 km each way from the city center, is worth a visit. There they make baked pizza in the summer, with flavors from the farm.

There are also several downtown cycle routes such as the “Klubben”, a 10 km round trip where you get the best view of the Torghatten mountain and can see right through the hole. A great and favorite outdoor area for the locals.

Starting from Brønnøysund you can do an island-hopping by bicycle. Ferries and speedboats take you and your bike from island to island. The tourist offices have bike rental online on and over the counter.

The Geopark includes the municipalities of Brønnøysund, Vega, Vevelstad, Sømna, Bindal and Leka, and can be experienced throughout the year. We welcome you to experience the magnificent landscape and the special geological phenomena. Tour suggestions and more information can be found at

"It's a fairy tale world for itself this, a dreamland." Fritjof Nansen, 1897

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Trollfjell Unesco Global Geopark


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