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Tretopphytter Oslofjord


The treetop cabins is an unique concept, with a view of the Oslo fjord. 5 cabins are built in the trees, 8 metres above the ground and 100 metres above sea level. The treetop cabins is located in Nordre Vegge outside Horten in Vestfold, only one hour drive from Oslo.

Wake up to the sound of bird song!
An overnight stay in the treetop cabins is an unique experience for both young and old. The beautiful nature - the peace and quiet, the animals, birds and the magic surroundings.

The cabins are idyllically located safely in the pine trees. You can choose between the cabins Ugleredet, Haukeredet, Falkeredet, Ørneredet and Våkeredet, all named after birds who build nests or reside in the area.

About the treetop cabins
The cabins are all isolated for the winter season. Wood burning, bathroom, kitchen, water, stove and fridge. The cabins have duvet and pillows for 8 people and everything else you might need for a comfortable stay up in the trees - surrounded by nature - throughout the year.

There is room for 7-8 people in every cabin. The cabins have two floors, with living room and kitchen, separate shower and bio toilet and a bedroom with a double bed. Through the porch doors you can see the Oslo fjord with a panoramic view. The terrace have handmade furniture. The loft is accessible through a staircase in the living room, it’s windows in the ceiling where you can look up at the stars. The sofa in the living room can be used as a bed, best fitted for children.

Events for companies
The treetop cabins offers an unique experience for companies as well, instead of the usual hotel events. Every cabin has beds for 7 people, however in a business event its recommended with 3-4 people. By renting all the cabins its room for 20 people. Monday - Wednesday is the best days to rent the cabins all together.

Tufte gård is in cooperation with Treetop cabins and offers cabins and team activities as well, only a couple of minutes away.

Gift Cards
A night in the treetop cabins can be the perfect gift for everyone as a birthday gift or a romantic get away for a couple.

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Source: Visit Vestfold


Tretopphytter Oslofjord


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