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Telemark Husky Tour

Come and join Telemark Husky Tour on a dog sledding tour either summer or winter. Tours are offered from 1 to 6 hours in the beautiful nature of Rauland.

Merete and Espen have been dog sledding for several years. They long had a dream of being able to do dog sledding full-time and at the end of April 2019 they opened their own company. As of today, they have a total of 16 dogs on the farm and run tourist drives. In the summer it is driven with wagons and in the winter a sleigh is used.

Dog sledding - 5 km round trip
Two people get their own sled with 5 dogs. First, everyone receives instructions on how to use the sled and how to cooperate with the dogs. The trip is approximately 5 km long and will take approximately 30-40 minutes. The drivers will switch halfway through so everyone gets to try. In total, the entire program will last approximately 60 minutes

Dog sledding - half-day trip up to 20 km (3 hour trip)
This trip is for those who want to get to know dog sledding better. On this trip (20 km) you drive far into the mountains with 6-7 dogs per sled. Along the way, there will be stops to stretch your legs. You also get extra time to cuddle with the dogs and you really get time to learn how to handle the sled and the dogs.

There are 2 people per sled that takes turns driving. One steers and one is a passenger. Beeing passanger or driver will changed several times along the way. The guide drives ahead with his dog team and your dogs will naturally follow. The guide is always close by and helps you with any challenges.
No experience of dog sledding in particular or close contact with dogs in general is required to take part in this trip. This applies even if you manage your own team. Necessary training will be provided. All we require is normal physical fitness. Not recommended for younger children, they may get a little cold after a while. The trip of 20 km is approx. 3 hours. Minimum 2 people, larger groups by agreement.

Dog sledding - full day trip
The participants get to help harness the dogs and drive their own dog team with 6-7 dogs. You learns how to put the harness on the dogs and how to steer the sled. There are 2 people per sled who take turns in driving. One steers, one is a passenger. The guide drives ahead with his dog team and your dogs will naturally follow. On this tour you get to experience both high mountain terrain, as well as slightly lower-lying forest terrain - an exciting natural contrasts!

A stop is made halfway through the trip, either in the valley or inside the mountain (weather permitting), where a hot lunch and hot drink is enjoyed. You must be in normal physical condition to participate in this tour.

Dog sledding in summer/autumn / 1-2 hour trip
When the snow has disappeared, the wagons are brought out. The robust carts have wheels and suspension systems that make them great for off-roading. The trail follows the beautiful Kromvikvegen in Rauland.

From May to October, dog sledding is available by appointment both during the week and at weekends, as long as the weather is not too hot. Normally there are 2 adults per wagon, one driver and one passenger, so it is changed along the way. The children sit with the guide or the same with adults.

You don't need any previous dog sledding experience. The dog handlers, or "mushers" as they are called in the professional language, give you full training before the trip starts. They will also lead the way on the trip and the other dog teams will follow.

There are dog sledding trails for both young and old. This is an experience you will remember for a long time.

Advance order
Dog sledding should be booked no later than one day in advance. If there is no advance booking for a given date, the next day's dog sled can be cancelled. It is recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes before the time, as instructions will be given at the specified time.

1 hour trip NOK 500. adult, child 0-13 years NOK 300
2 hour trip NOK 850. adult, child 0-13 years NOK 450
Minimum 2 people and larger groups by agreement.

Last updated: 05/24/2023

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Telemark Husky Tour

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