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Sjusjøen Husky Tours


Dog sledding with strong and happy Alaska Huskies in fantastic nature at Sjusjøen!

Sjusjøen Husky Tours

Dog sledding with strong and friendly Alaskan Huskies in spectacular scenery at Sjusjøen!
Groups of two people get their own dog sled and drive half the distance each – if both are at least 13 years old and are happy to do so. If not, it is absolutely fine to just come along for the ride. Instructions are given in advance, and you will be joined by minimum one guide who will lead the group with the first dog team.

For individual guests, we offer trips four days a week; Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. There is a choice of two distances on all four days; 15 or 30 km. Every trip ends with an enjoyable gathering around the campfire in a warm and cosy traditional lavvu, with bread twists and hot drinks. The 30 km trip ends with a hot meal; usually elk burgers from Hafjell Mat, accompanied by creamed potatoes and salad.
In winter, the location is along the track between Natrudstilen and the route to Ljøsheim. Follow Sjusjøvegen from Mesnali, and turn off towards Sjusjøen Skisenter and Natrudstilen Skistadion. Cross the ski arena’s car park, and continue for another 2 km (signposted).

Dog sledding is a popular activity for groups and events. Not only is it a lot of fun, it is also very inclusive – which is perfect for team building. A colleague with an injured knee or arm can still join in.
For large groups of 25–100 people, the recommended option is a 6 km trip. We will split you into several teams taking turns dog sledding, and when one team is out with the dogs there are activities for the rest. These usually include campfire twist-bread making in lavvu and a fun kicksled relay, as well as perhaps a snowshoe walk, a team skiing challenge, or “tunnel-vision” football.
For groups of 24 people or fewer, the 15 km trip is a good option. You are then split in to two teams taking turns going out with the dogs and enjoying yourselves in the lavvu or with outdoor activities.
The lavvu is spacious, nice and warm. It has flooring, walls and a large hearth, and is smoke-free and offers seating for 115 people for a hot meal. A popular choice is our home-cooked elk stew with a locally sourced main ingredient, or catering from Bellmans Hager at Brøttum.
Summer/autumn with carts

Dog mushing is also possible, and equally fun, on wheels when the snow has gone. For this, we use cool carts with excellent brakes. The trip is available in the evenings, and our location throughout the summer season and until mid-October is Hornsjø in Øyerfjellet. From mid-October we move to a forest area in Ringsaker, approx. 15 min. in direction Moelv from Sjusjøen
In summer, our trips are subject to the weather as is not possible to go out when it is too hot. We are happy to take bookings, and will confirm/cancel no later than one day in advance to avoid any unnecessary trips up into the mountain.
Kennel visit

Every day from around mid-May to end of September, it is possible to visit our kennel in Åsmarka! All the 120 dogs would love to see you. We will take you on a guided tour where we explain and you ask as many questions as you like. Afterwards we let the puppies loose on the grass as we enjoy a coffee and some ice cream. Kennel visits may be arranged outside of the summer season, but be aware that we and the dogs are often out during the day.

Show consideration during your visit, and follow these basic guidelines:
• Adhere to the code of conduct for public right of access
• Park at designated car parks and campsites
• Take your litter home or use the bins provided
• Remember the rules for keeping dogs on a lead; respect campfire bans and restrictions, and use designated sites only
• Try to use local shops along the route
• Drive nicely, but not too nicely – keep up with the traffic
• Last, but not least; ENJOY your trip!

Last updated: 04/17/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Sjusjøen Husky Tours


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