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Sakshaug old church - Medieval Church in Inderøy

- Medieval church along the Golden Road in Inderøy!

Sakshaug Old Church is a large church in relation to the other medieval churches in the county. The ship is 21 m long and 12.5 m wide. The choir is 8 m long and 9 m wide. The ship is the oldest part of the church, built in Romanesque style around the mid 1100s.

Stone cutter marks show that artisans from Nidaros Cathedral has helped to build the church. One of Scandinavia's oldest Gothic arches can be found here. The interior is from the 1600s. Both the northern and southern portal is richly decorated with masks and heads.

The church went out of use in 1871, when a new church was erected nearby. Two years later all the wood was removed from the building, turning the church into an impressive ruin. The parish gave this to Fortidsminneforeningen that same year.
A great collective effort by the members of Fortidsminneforeningen and intensive fund raising led to the complete restoration of the church which was consecrated again in 1958.

Sakshaug old church is open for walk-in visitors in the summer season. 

For more inforamtion or to arrange a guided tour of the church, please contact:
Aud Karin Holmern, tlf: +47 922 96 950

Member of the Golden Road.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Sakshaug old church - Medieval Church in Inderøy

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