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Rent an electric car in the Lodalen valley

Drive eco friendly in one of Norway's most beautiful valleys.

Try our new, green and fun way to experience the Lodalen valley. We at Sande Camping rent out small electric cars. The cars are suitable for two people. The car can easily get on Lodalen's narrow roads. You get even closer to nature in this electric car than in an ordinary car. There are different routes to drive in the Lodalen valley. We guarantee that you will find a route that suits you.
We recommend:
Sande camping – Bødal – Kjenndal – Kjenndalsbreen (32 km)

A nice drive from Sande Camping, along Lovatnet and into the deepest part of the Lodalen valley. Stop at the information sign in Bødalen for information about the valley's dramatic history. You will drive on a spectacular road in wild and beautiful nature from Bødal to Kjenndalsbreen / The Kjenndal Glacier. Stop at Kjenndalstova for a bite to eat. On this trip there are many photo points.
Sande camping – Bødal – Bødalsæter in Jostedalsbreen National Park (26 km)

Drive along Lovatnet to Bødal and turn left towards Bødalsæter (600 masl). Then continue for 5 km along nice waterfalls and high mountains. Many nice photo points. It is 5 minutes walk from the car park and into the farm. From the seat you see 3 different glacier arms. Furthermore, you can go to Bødalsbreen. It is a 40 minute walk into the glacier.

Source: Nordfjord


Rent an electric car in the Lodalen valley

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