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Øystre Slidre

Olestølen Mikroysteri

Sales of cheese, cured sasage and hand crafts on the summer farm
We offer organic cheeses, hand made by Kathrin and matured, cured sausage as well as crafts on the summer farm 1. July−5. September. Opening hours − see our website. Toll road.

Summer farm holidays on request. Enjoy the quietness on the summerfarm with goats and horses, participate with goat milking and join us on mountain trips with pack horses or learn how to make cheese. Book your summer farm adventure here (July and August): www.skimakernogbudeia.no/bestill

Sales of cheese, cured sausage, kid meat and crafts from September to June.
For ski- and ski making courses and lectures.


Last updated: 05/24/2023

Source: Valdres Destinasjon

Olestølen Mikroysteri

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