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Obrestad lighthouse


Obrestad lighthouse is one of several charming lighthouses located along the rugged edge of Norway. Stay in modern lighthouse accommodation with sea views.

Today, Obrestad Lighthouse is a museum and a cultural heritage site that tells the story of life at the lighthouse over several generations. The lighthouse is also a cultural arena with concerts, literature and the communication of Norwegian coastal and lighthouse history. Here you can learn more about the lighthouse keepers' work and everyday life, and see how technology has developed over time. In the basement, German soldiers paint murals during World War II, and there are several war memorials around the lighthouse. The history of the war along the Jæren coast is a special theme communicated at Obrestad lighthouse. You can also see the original Fresnel lighthouse lens with square rotating lenses, which is unique among Norwegian lighthouses. Take a trip up the tower of the lighthouse lantern for a fantastic sea view.

Obrestad lighthouse also has a "Quiet Room", where you can rest, say a prayer or just be alone with your thoughts. You can also bring your hiking friends here for a peaceful moment. The "Quiet Room" is always open and you are always welcome. Both Obrestad Lighthouse and Hå Old Vicarage are key stops on the Coastal Pilgrimage Trail that runs from Egersund to Nidaros, and have their stamps for pilgrim passes.

Obrestad lighthouse - a historical landmark

Obrestad lighthouse has an exciting 150-year-old history that testifies to the important role the lighthouse has played for shipping and the coastal community. Obrestad lighthouse is an important landmark in the open Jæren landscape for both seafarers and permanent residents. The light beacon from the lighthouse was part of people's everyday lives. So was the foghorn at Obrestad lighthouse, or "Studen på Obrest" (The bull from Obrestad), which was the local nickname.

Obrestad lighthouse is the lighthouse on the Norwegian mainland that is furthest west, and the first lighthouse along the Jæren coast to be built on land. The lighthouse was built in 1873, at the same time as the Obrestad harbour, which was a safe harbour for fishermen and traders. The lighthouse and the house were built in solid granite to avoid maintenance, but the house was damp, cold and uncomfortable to live in. A new lighthouse keeper's house was therefore eventually built.

During World War II, the lighthouse was part of the Germans' defence facilities, and a lookout tower was built on the building and bomb shelters around the area. After the war, a new lighthouse keeper's house was built and the lighthouse was modernised. 1987 the lighthouse was automated, and a few years later it was de-staffed. Today, Hå municipality continues to operate the lighthouse to preserve the culture and history of the facility.

Stay at the Obrestad lighthouse

Obrestad Lighthouse is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience the beautiful and rugged Jæren coast. Here you can hike along the hiking route Kongevegen, cycle along Jærruta or fish in the river Håelva. Did you know that you can also stay at the lighthouse all year round? The three residential houses are tastefully and modernly decorated. Here you will have a unique experience in all kinds of weather, with a view of the sea. One of the houses also has a function room that can be hired for weddings, confirmations and other gatherings. Book a stay at the lighthouse.

If you want to combine your visit to Obrestad lighthouse with a bit of culture, you can head to Hå gamle prestegard, which is just a few minutes away by car. At Hå gamle prestegard, you can experience exhibitions from both Norwegian and international contemporary artists that will challenge, engage or perhaps surprise you.

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Obrestad lighthouse


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