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Nordis Hotel & Suites

Whether you are just seeking that extra comfort, need a spacious two or three bedroom suite for you and your family or are on a honeymoon, we can provide a suite to match your needs

Nordis Hotel & Suites offer spacious accommodation in comfortable suites. Our suites have up to three bedrooms, several bathrooms, a sauna, a comfortable lounge area, kitchen facilities and a large terrace with striking views.
Situated on top of Du Verden Restaurant in Svolvær, Nordis Hotels & Suites strikes a bold combination of cultural heritage, handcrafted design and modern architecture. The elliptical shape makes it a natural landmark of the city and provides grand view lines from every suite.
A perfect residence for your Lofoten adventure

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Destination Lofoten

Nordis Hotel & Suites

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