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Mountain top trips: Sandhornet

From the mountaintop on Sandhornet Mountain (993 above sea level), you can almost see the whole of the Salten region on a clear day.

From the mountaintop on Sandhornet Mountain, you can almost see the whole of Salten on a clear day. Sandhornet is an easily visible landmark as seen from Bodø, and many locals make the trip to this mountaintop in particular when they are doing a single mountaintop trip in this region. The view is definitely worth the effort! There are a number of routes to choose among when ascending to the mountaintop on Sandhornet. The recommended and waymarked route, for visitors who are not familiar with the area, starts out from Horsdal. Follow the trail eastward along the shoreline and stay on the trail up through Stjerndalen Valley, along Stjernelva River. The trail up to Nakken is steep. Here, the terrain levels off and the trail gradually becomes less discernible. It is recommended that you continue to follow the river for a ways and stay to the left as you approach the top.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Mountain top trips: Sandhornet

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