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Mini-canal trip with DS Hans - through Ørje locks


Join us on a mini canal trip through Ørje locks with DS Hans - Saturdays and Sundays in July and august

Join a mini canal tour through Ørje locks with DS Hans

DS Hans is a small steamboat with room for 6 passengers and a crew of two. On Saturdays and Sundays in July (Except the first weekend, then it's the Soot Play in the locks.), as well as the first two weeks of August, you can join a unique experience in the Haldenkanalen. Join us on a mini-canal tour with locks.

There are two trips every saturday and sunday in the period 6. july - 11. august. Both trips are a small boat trip of about 1 hour 15 minutes including sluicing.

Tour 1: Departure 14.15
Boarding is on the south side of the locks by the Halden Canal museum.

Tour 2: Departure 15.45
There is boarding between Visit Indre Østfold and Båtcafeen

Here you join Hans through the historic Ørje locks from 1860. The lock boys take you through the locks by hand, as it was in the past. In total, the sluice takes approx. 30 minutes.You then disembark on the other side of the locks than where you entered after being lifted, or lowered, 10 meters in the locks.

The price is NOK. NOK 300 per person

Bought tickets can not be taken refound. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed.

Drinks and snack
It is possible to buy cold drinks, coffee and some snacks/lefse on board the trips.

Contact Visit Indre Østfold to book a boat trip,  tel. +47 45453445
Payment with card or Vipps 

Ørje is one of the lock sites in the historic Halden Canal. Slow down and experience the charming sluice idyll!
Ørje is known, among other things, for being one of the lock sites in the historic Halden Canal. Ørje locks have 3 lock chambers and a lock time of 30 minutes. The lift height is a total of 10 metres, and the locks are still operated by hand, as when they opened in 1860. Take a trip to Ørje this summer and let yourself be fascinated by this unique cultural monument. Feel free to combine the trip with a visit to the charming boat cafe or the Halden Canal Museum, where you can learn about the exciting animal and plant life in the Halden Canal. Canalization and timber floating are also central themes at the museum.

DS Hans was built in 1927 in Umeå, Sweden as MS "Klaran", today the boat is owned by the DS Engebret Soot foundation. DS Hans service as an open tugboat during the timber floating on the Klaraelven near Karlstad in Sweden. When the floating ceased, it was taken over by Börje Jansson, who had plans to convert it into a steamboat. The plans did not materialize and he donated the boat to Stiftelsen DS "Engebret Soot". There was an extensive restoration in the period 2005 to 2007 when a steam engine was installed and a new wheelhouse and aft saloon were built.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Mini-canal trip with DS Hans - through Ørje locks


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