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Midt i Mjøsa - In the heart of lake Mjøsa

Authentic local experiences and sensory delights at Nes and Helgøya
Visit Nes & Helgøya and its Heart of Mjøsa discovery route. Surrounded by the beautiful lake Mjøsa, the road meanders through a lush, rolling cultural landscape and past large and small farms, beautiful gardens, welcoming restaurants, outlets selling local products, and more. There is always something to see or do – whether you drive, explore by bicycle, arrive by boat, or go by foot.

Attractions are varied and within easy reach of each other. Accommodation is available at campsites, manor farms, or in welcoming private holiday homes. The renowned Wood hotel, the world's tallest timber building, is not far away either. In short, the perfect holiday destination – for a day or a whole week!

Slow bicycle ride & a good night’s sleep
Design & delicious food
Paddling & climbing
Swimming & shopping
Local flavours in bottle & glass
Historic gardens & open skies

Source: Visit Innlandet


Midt i Mjøsa - In the heart of lake Mjøsa

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