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TripAdvisor rating of 4.5


Matbaren Bistro by Renaa


Matbaren is a proper French bistro in Stavanger, where you will experience a good atmosphere, solid craftsmanship, pure, local ingredients, and friendly and competent service.

In addition to focusing on the tasty craftsmanship you are served on the plate, Matbaren equally concentrates on qualified service from skilled waiters and sommeliers.

Seasonal ingredients

The food is prepared on the Matbaren Bistro by Renaa's charcoal-fired grill, which gives unsurpassed flavour and aroma. The menu is based on seasonal ingredients and availability - simple, first-class produce from farmers they know and trust. Matbaren Bistro by Renaa has worked closely with local farmers and suppliers for many years, and their menus are constantly changing based on when seasonal ingredients are at their best. Tasty, delicious, honest food.

Last updated: 10/03/2023

Source: Region Stavanger

Matbaren Bistro by Renaa


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