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Lura Turistheim


Since 1949, Lura turistheim has made proper traditional Norwegian food, from scratch. "Komle" with salted meat, sausage and melted butter, meatballs with brown sauce and potatoes and homemade fish gratin. All your Norwegian food classics made with love from scratch.

Proper food since 1949. Every single day, since 1949, we have been making food from scratch in the kitchen at Lura. Real Norwegian traditional food. Ready when you're hungry.

Traditional food and never factory-processed products Meatballs with brown sauce and potatoes, homemade fish gratin and cumin with salty meat, sausage and melted butter: In the jungle of new eating habits and choices, traditional Norwegian food has almost disappeared from the menu.

"Fortunately, Lura Turistheim exists", our guests say. Some of them have been eating "komle" every Thursday since 1949. Same table, same time. Other guests are so new that they get the fish gratin served with a teaspoon on the lap of mom or dad. Common to them all is that they want the taste of proper food made from scratch, generous portions and quick serving.

Proper food, Siv knows all about it. She has worked at Lura Turistheim since she started doing the dishes as a thirteen-year-old in 1979. Today, she, together with our other good chefs, makes sure that the "komle" tastes as it should every Thursday, that the classic sandwiches still make success and that our steak stew, which has been the same since the early seventies, will receive top marks at Gladmat in 2019.

Semi-finished products? Do not enter past our doors. White wine for the fish or beer and dram for the komle? We have alcohol lisence in order in all the restaurants. Are you allergic or have special wishes for other reasons? Let us know! If it can be solved, then we will solve it.

Source: Region Stavanger


Lura Turistheim


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