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Kayak rental on Nes & Helgøya

Kayak hire and kayak courses in Tingnes.

Kayak hire – Infoteket at Tingnes
Mjøsa is Norway's largest lake, and is excellent for kayaking!
Infoteket at Tingnes offers kayak hire, kayaking courses, and kayaking trips for groups of 5 to 15 people.

Kayak hire
Kayaks can be pre-booked or hired on the day, and there are two different types:
– 1-person kayaks 
– 2-person kayaks
Wetsuits and dry-sacks are available at an additional charge.
An introduction course is recommended, but is not a requirement.

Kayaking courses
In May, June and August we offer a 3-hour introduction course as well as a 16-hour basic skills course.
Courses outside of set dates can be arranged for groups of 5 or more. Please contact us for an offer.

Group kayaking trips
Separate kayaking trips, led by an experienced guide, are available for groups of 5-15 people. The trips are suitable for most, but participants must be able to swim. Kayaking experience is not necessary – the guide will take you through the basics before we hit the water.

Kayaking comes highly recommended as a cool and fun activity for private and corporate groups, and there is opportunity to add lunch or similar along the way. Get in touch to arrange a kayaking trip for you and your group. 
 - Phone, +47 471 65 913
 - Or email:

About Infoteket – the tourist information office at Tingnes
Infoteket is a seasonal tourist office at Tingnes, and offers plenty of brochures for the whole region and various cycle and walking maps for the immediate area. It also comprises a friendly shop selling local food products and a selection of gifts.

When travelling through Tingnes, Infoteket is the natural place to stop for some genuine local knowledge. If you are planning a day trip, whether it is with your friends, family, football team, or marketing department, we are happy to assist with a program tailored to you and your group.

Outdoor equipment hire
The following equipment can be hired from Infoteket from the 1st of June and onwards:
– Electric bicycles, for both road cycling and mountain biking
– Rowing boat with electric outboard motor, ideal for fishing trips and family outings with young children

Source: Visit Innlandet


Kayak rental on Nes & Helgøya

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