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Have dinner among palm trees at Flor & Fjære


Flor & Fjære is a colourful and thriving restaurant and garden located on the island of Sør-Hidle in Ryfylke.

On this unique island, you'll wander among palm trees, beaches, ponds, waterfalls, exotic plants and 50,000 annual summer flowers.

A visit to Flor & Fjære begins with a pleasant fjord cruise. The boat departs from Bekhuskaien, close to Fiskepiren, in Stavanger, and after around 20 minutes you can step ashore in the sea of flowers on the small island in the Ryfylke Basin.

On arrival, you'll be welcomed by the family and their guides, who are ready to show you the beauty of the garden and share secrets and stories. A guided tour of the 50-acre garden gives you an insight into three generations' passion for creating the world's most beautiful garden.

After the tour, a 3-course dinner is served in the jungle restaurant. The chef focuses on pure natural flavours using the best local ingredients. With a new greenhouse on the island, home-grown and unharvested herbs and vegetables also make their mark on the menu!

After the meal, there is time to enjoy the gardens on your own before returning to Stavanger.

Flor & Fjære is a private family country house, open for pre-booked visits during the season which runs from mid-May to the end of September.

Departure times vary from day to day - available departure times can be found in Flor & Fjære's booking calendar.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Have dinner among palm trees at Flor & Fjære


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