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Bolkesjø Gaard

Bolkesjø Gaard is a family-run farm surrounded by forests and lakes, with beautiful hiking trails and good opportunities for fishing and swimming.

Would you like to disconnect from the busy everyday life and indulge in down-to-earth experiences? Here you can stay very comfortably in Norway's oldest residential house from the 13th century or discover how nice life with poor coverage can be. Bolkesjø Gaard is a family-run farm with a rich cultural heritage at the foot of Blefjell in Telemark. The farm is surrounded by forests and lakes, with great hiking trails and excellent opportunities for swimming, fishing, and everything else the forest has to offer.

Something for everyone
Bolkesjø Gaard offers various types of accommodation, all close to nature and unique in their own way. Here, you have the opportunity to wake up in a four-poster bed, or in a top modern building with fantastic views of the Telemark mountains, or alone in the middle of the forest, far from people on a quiet mountain pasture. At the Jonrud Husmannsplass by the beautiful Follsjø, there is room for the whole extended family. In the summer, you can also stay in an exclusive glamping tent by the waterfront of the swimming and fishing lake Follsjø.

Contact us for group events. We are happy to assist with facilitating parties and activities.

Great experiences for children, families, and couples
Isn't it wonderful to spend the whole day outside, either at the beach, in the forest, or in the mountains? Here, you can greet the animals grazing in the meadow and end the day with a sauna. You can cook dinner yourself, perhaps with local ingredients. Berries, mushrooms, and fish taste even better when you've found them yourself!

Just a stone's throw from the Jonrud Husmannsplass is the new beach at Follsjø. This is a good option for families, seniors, and the youngest children.

The bathing area is also accessible for guests with disabilities.

Rich cultural heritage and Norway's oldest wooden residential house
There are long traditions of tourism at Bolkesjø; it has been an inn since 1624. During the national romanticism period, Bolkesjø was referred to as the "Tourist Gateway to the Land of Adventure" – when people wanted to explore the wild nature and culture of Telemark. The surroundings of the farm still resemble old times, with protected timber buildings and beautiful storehouses.

The main house on the farm is Norway's oldest wooden residential house, dating back to the 13th century. The main house has now been restored and has received a very modern extension, but the atmosphere from earlier times is still palpable.

Bjønnestille Nature Reserve and maintained flower meadows
The area around Follsjø has a particularly interesting biological diversity. Bolkesjø Gaard has its own nature reserve, Bjønnestille, which can be explored. We also maintain several flower meadows around the farm and greatly appreciate the old hay meadows.

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Bolkesjø Gaard

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