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Indre Østfold

Bilitt Farm - Horseactivities

Discover activities with horses for the whole family at Bilitt Farm

On Bilitt Farm, you can explore different activities with horses for the entire family. You get to the chance to get familiar with horses in comfortable surroundings, and try both grooming and riding. 

The hosts at Bilitt have a long experience with horses. Jeanette found her passion for horses in 1973, and have had horses since, as a hobby and for work in her adult life. Jeanette teaches also students with their own horses, either with the students coming to the farm, or she travels to them. Petter is a blacksmith and welcomes horses for shoeing in the forge at the farm. 

There are five horses at the farm at the moment who are available for guests and course participants. The horses have different personalities and education and love their work. 

Bilit Farm is a place known for taking good care of their guests- either a costumer in the forge, if you spend the night, jubilants or course participants. Quality, presence and authentic is the keywords that is Bilitt Farm.

Reach out so we can together plan your visit at Bilitt Farm

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Bilitt Farm - Horseactivities

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