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Bikeride: An unforgettable ride along the Halden Canal

Exciting forests and elongated lakes provide inner calm!

The country roads undulating through a beautiful cultural landscape and leading you through exciting forests and elongated lakes make the Halden Canal an ideal area for two-wheeled experiences. On a bicycle, you experience more of the areas around the canal proper, and you can embark on an expedition on your own. The country roads interconnect the locks, farms, galleries, museums, cafes and all the other experiences large and small on offer in the area.

When you ride along the Halden Canal at your own pace, you are alive in the moment. Stop and hear the sounds of chirping birds and running water. Breathe in the fragrance of fir trees, moss and heather. Simple experiences that are enriched by interacting with nature. On a bike ride, you can leave your worries behind as you return to an authentic, simpler way of life. It is nice to be alone outdoors, but it is also nice to share the pleasurable moments and experiences with others.

The Halden Canal provides plenty of space for feeling like you are alone – with others. Take time just to be together and experience the magnificence and diversity of our canal. Feel the wind in your hair as you cycle through the rolling cultural landscape and feel the warmth of the fire when you pitch your tent for the evening. Relax and let your thoughts roam freely as you recharge your batteries and recuperate. Nothing beats the crackling sound and delightful smell of a campfire! 

Here is our suggestion for an unforgettable bike ride along the Halden Canal. Our proposal starts in Kornsjø, but the trip can just as well be cycled the other way. Remember to book accommodation in advance.

Day 1: Kornsjø
The tour starts on the idyllic Kornsjø, an idyll in the borderland to the south of Østfold, on the border between Norway and Sweden. Here you can stay at Villa Kornsjø, in one with nature. Here you can experience the Kornsjöene with idyllic canals, cozy islets and peaceful coves. Here you can recharge your bike ride with canoeing, barbecues, swimming and forest walks. Villa Kornsjø offers rooms and holiday apartments, and you can spend the night in a floating tent! The border room serves good and homemade food, a stone's throw from Villa Kornsjø. Sleep in Norway - eat in Sweden.

Day 2: Kornsjø - Brekke Locks - 35 km
Today you wake up refreshed and ready to embark on a bike ride up the Halden Canal towards Brekke locks. On the way you cycle past Tistedal and up the Femsjøen. After 35 km you arrive at Brekke Locks, Europe's tallest continuous lock staircase with a height of 27 meters. In Brekke Locks you can spend the night in Fløterhytta. Fløterhytta is a cozy little cabin where you can follow the daily locks of small and large boats. When renting a cabin, it comes with two canoes that can be used freely. Close by you have access to the summer open kiosk, swimming areas and hiking and cycling opportunities. With canoe / kayak you can actually experience locks both down and up the locks - a powerful experience! The area around the cottage has a number of hiking opportunities. Food should be purchased from a shop in Tistedal on the way up.

Day 2: Kornsjø - Fredriksten fortress - 29 km
For those who want higher comfort and stay closer to the urban pulse, it is a tip to visit Halden. Here you can spend the night at Fredriksten Hotel, which is located on Fredriksten Fortress, high above the center of Halden. Here you sleep and eat well. Walking distance to the city center and Halden Guest Harbor with several nice restaurants and shops.

Day 3: Brekke Locks - Strømsfoss - 29 km
(Fredriksten Fortress - Strømsfoss - 35 km)

Road from Brekke Locks towards Strømsfoss takes you through exciting forest areas, open cultural landscape and elongated lakes. In Strømsfoss you can spend the night in "Fjøset" (The Barn) Don't be fooled by the name! Although the barn was formerly used as an outbuilding for the stately locksmith residence at Strømsfoss locks, the cabin was refurbished in 2014 and maintains a good standard. the cabin has a view of the locks and the lock environment that grew up around the operation of the facilities. Strømsfoss used to be a transport hub where roads and watercourses met. Here you can experience a living environment from a bygone age. The small place Strømsfoss has, besides the locks, a mill museum, art gallery and cozy Møllerens Hus. In the cafe you can relax in cozy surroundings, and in summer you can sit out on the beautiful terrace and enjoy the view over the Halden Canal. There is no grocery store in Strømsfoss, so make a stop in Fossby so you can shop for food.

Day 4: Strømsfoss - Skulerud - 48 km
On the way to Skulerud you pass the charming little town of Ørje. Ørje locks have a lifting height of a total of 10 meters, and the locks are still maneuvered by hand, as at the opening in 1860. Ørje also has Norway's largest collection of steamboats at the Haldenvassdraget Canal Museum. At the Canal Museum you can learn more about the history of the timber float and the construction of the canal, and in a separate part of the museum you can learn more about and the wildlife around the river. If you want to experience more of this charming locksmith, we recommend the photo booth with various items in the area. There are also opportunities for canoeing, renting pedal bicycles or pedalboards. Be sure to have lunch at the cozy Boat Cafe before heading to Skulerud. The boat café is superbly located on the water's edge at Lake Rødenessjøen. Great food in unique surroundings. Practically on the Halden Canal. Here you can sit back and enjoy the day!

After lunch it is time to continue cycling towards Skulerud. Here you can stay in Smia. Smia is located at Skulerudvannet, at the top of the Halden Canal, about 25 km north of Ørje. The smith was formerly part of an end point on the Aurskog-Hølandsbanen, and there are many traces of logging and passenger traffic in the area. Take the opportunity to ride the bikes in the area and visit the small museum "Isbingen" with over 100 objects from the float time. There are good fishing opportunities in Skulerudvann both from land and by boat. When renting the cabin, it comes with 2 canoes that can be used freely to explore the area.

Day 5: Skulerud - Rømskog Spa - 39 km
From Skulerud you cycle north towards Rømskog. On the way you cycle through exciting and hilly forest terrain. At Rømskog you can stay at Rømskog Spa & Resort - Norway's most beautiful spa and conference hotel. The hotel is idyllically situated on the water's edge in Østfold's deepest forests. Almost all rooms overlook the beautiful Lake Vortungen. Delicious spa experiences combined with refreshing forest walks and canoeing can't be faulted! The hotel can tempt with Japanese bath, steam sauna, sauna, cold pool and outdoor hot tub. And down by the water stands the gorgeous outdoor sauna overlooking the sea, waiting for you. The restaurant serves breakfast, two course lunch and three course dinner. Here you get meat that melts on the tongue and sauces which are a delight for the palate. The hotel's chefs are proud of the food they make and hope you enjoy every meal.

At the hotel you can swim in the salt water pool, take a fresh dip in the cold tub or enjoy a warm and good bath in the outdoor hot tub. You have free access to borrow both towels and bathrobes. The hotel's spa area has a Japanese bath, steam sauna, sauna (sauna) and cold bath. The salt water pool has panoramic windows facing the lake Vortungen. The hotel has boats, canoes, mountain bikes and lavvo, which are rented out to visitors. There are several marked hiking trails in the area, and the hotel also has an outdoor activity park with 14 obstacles and a crossfit trail that is open to all.

Day 6: Rømskog Spa & Resort - Lillestrøm - 70 km
On the last day, you cycle to Lillestrøm. Lillestrøm is a traffic hub and from Lillestrøm you can easily get to where you want. Either by air train to Gardermoen Airport, train to central Oslo or back to Halden's starting point.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Bikeride: An unforgettable ride along the Halden Canal

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