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Bicycle route: To Nordstrand for a swim

Bicycle trip from the city centre to the bathing spot Nordstrand Bad. This is the shortest and easiest cycling route from the city centre to a nice place to go for a swim. Nordstrand Bad is in a well-sheltered location and cannot be seen from the road. Thanks to poor parking conditions it doesn't really get overcrowded here. Starting point: The intersection of Kongsveien and Konows gate. Route: Follow the pavement/cycle route south along Mosseveien. Roughly 500 metres after passing Ulvøybrua (the bridge to Ulvøya), look for a side road that curves sharply to the right before you reach Furubråtveien. Distance: 4.7 km Surface: asphalt Facilities at the end point: toilets, 100-metre stone pier

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Bicycle route: To Nordstrand for a swim

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