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Alsvik Nature Centre


At Alsvik natursenter (nature centre), there are hiking trails and open-air structures such as barbecue facilities and shelters.

At Alsvik, go hiking, fishing, swimming, grilling and otherwise enjoy the beautiful nature. Alsvik is a good starting point for a paddle trip in the Lutsivassdraget lakes.

The barbecue facility

The barbecue facility consists of an open fire pit built in a sheltered space inside the yard at Alsvik Natursenter. There are two large grills under the roof, as well as a grill outside. There are benches and seating under the roof for approx. 50 people.

The tent site

The tent site is located on the edge of the ball loop. The campfire site with a table/bench is available here. Tents should preferably be set up between the trees outside the ball court so that these do not hinder the activity on the field. There is room for around 10 3-person tents on the tent site. You must book a space for each tent. Larger tents than 3-person tents require more space.

The shelter (Gapahuken)

The shelter is located on the right side when you enter the yard at Alsvik, approximately 100 meters from the parking lot. The shelter has a campfire inside and accommodation capacity for approximately the size of a school class.

Alsvik is a good starting point for many nice hikes and walks. 

The following can be booked:

1 shelter

1 barbecue

10 tent sites

Source: Region Stavanger


Alsvik Nature Centre


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