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Roller ski tracks at the Hovden cross-country arena

The Hovden cross-country arena is located near the centre of Hovden. During the winter, this is a sports facility with daily groomed cross-country tracks for skiers at all levels.

In the autumn of 2016 a part of the cross-country arena was adapted for roller skiing. This is the section called Røyrvikåsen. The tracks are floodlit and range from those suitable for children and beginners to the more challenging ones for elite skiers.
We request you to exercise caution when using the roller ski tracks. Consider the safety of yourself and others. The direction is counterclockwise, i.e. to the right from the car park / starting point. The track surface is marked with arrows indicating direction and level of difficulty.

If you have not brought your own equipment, you may rent roller skis, boots and poles at Hovden Sport in the centre of Hovden.

Last updated: 01/09/2024

Source: Setesdal

Roller ski tracks at the Hovden cross-country arena

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