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2 jours de trek de Øyuvsbu à Gaukhei

The walk from Øyuvsbu to Gaukhei is a two-day trip and includes spending the night at Gaukhei.

The walk from Øyuvsbu to Gaukhei is a two-day trip and includes spending the night at Gaukhei. The trip is suitable for adults, children and young people that are accustomed to walking some distance.  Walking time for the trip is approx. 7 hours. You spend the night at Gaukhei and return the same way the next day. To get there: Drive on the Suleskar road to Ivlungsvatn and park in the carpark, about 20 minutes’ walk from Øyuvsbu. The DNT cabin is unstaffed and accommodates up to 40 visitors. You can also spend the night here.  From Øyuvsbu the trail leads directly south over a fairly marshy area along Øyuvsvatn and on to Sandvatn.  In the month of August it is not unlikely that you find cloudberries here on the slopes. At Sandvatn you meet the trail from Håheller. About 1 kilometre after Sandvatn you cross Sandvassåni. This can be a little difficult if the river level is higher than usual, in which case it is easier to cross about 100 m further up the stream.   Halfway between Øyuvsbu and Gaukhei you come to Vidalege, where the shepherd Magnor Tjåland spent every summer until 2000. He was in charge of several thousand sheep and was more than 70 when for the last time he herded the sheep in Vidalege. There is no firewood available here and so Magnor burned peat. You can still see traces left in the area in places where peat was cut.    From Vidalege the trail goes up to the highest point. Later it crosses Låghellerdal (the valley) and the path continues up to Småtjønnheii. From here the panoramic view is magnificent before the path descends steeply to Småtjønndalen. In the lakes in this valley there is plenty fish, which also applies to Søtevatn.  The last stage before you arrive at Gaukhei goes along beside the Søtevassbekken stream. Gaukhei tourist cabin stands on a small hill on the north side of Store Gaukheivatnet with a good view over the lake to Skarveknuten. Gaukhei is staffed from approx. 10 July to 8 August. 42 beds altogether spread over the various buildings.  Outside the summer season there is unstaffed accommodation available in the refuge cabin Normannsbu (14 beds), the dormitory (6 beds), and the guide’s room for dog and owner (3 beds). The main cabin (19 beds) can then be rented by groups. Equipment at Gaukhei: The cabin has the equipment you need for making food, such as kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery. In addition you will be able to buy a good selection of food from the store of provisions. There is no electricity in the cabin, but instead gas, firewood for heating and candles to be used in living rooms (NB! Not in bedrooms). When Gaukhei is unstaffed, the guests themselves are responsible for making food, fetching water, washing up, washing the floors and otherwise tidying both inside and outside the cabin. When it is staffed you cannot prepare your own food. Nor can you drink your own alcohol in the bar area. There are duvets and pillows on all beds, but sleeping sacks or sleeping bags must always be used when spending the night. You will find a notice with cabin rules and prices in the cabin.     Difference in height: Øyuvsbu 933 masl, Gaukhei 840 masl and the highest point on the trail, 1 km south-east of Vidalege, approx. 1040 masl. The trail crosses Låghellerdalen at about 930 masl and then rises to above 1000 masl.

Source: Setesdal


2 jours de trek de Øyuvsbu à Gaukhei

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