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Roundtrip Nesbyen

A nice round trip that gives you a taste of Nesbyen center. The trip is well signposted.

For a detailed map, see this trip on Ut.no (Norwegian text only). Here you will also find more than 70 other hike suggestions in Nesbyen. See our favorite hikes on Visitnesbyen.com.

Length: 4.5 km
Time: Approx. 1 hour
Starting point: Hajembrua / Nesbyen Tourist Office

Even though the trip is central, it does not always feel that way - there is a lot of beautiful nature to see on this round trip. You cross the river Rukkdøla three times during the walk. Along the way you can pass Old Nes (the oldest part of town) and some of the paintings in The art walk of Nesbyen. Free paper maps and information are available at Nesbyen Tourist Office.

We propose to start at Hajembrua in the center, just outside Nesbyen Tourist Office. Then follow Alfarvegen north for 200 meters, turn right down Steinmoguto. Follow the street for 300 meters, then take the gravel road to the right and follow it down to a bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path along Rukkedøla and around Markedsplassen until you reach a residential area. Then turn left towards the main road, then the walkway to the right. Follow the road 100 meters until you have to cross Rukkedalsvegen over the pedestrian area. Follow the small road straight ahead and cross the car park at the Coop / Shell station.

On the left side by the old log house behind the Shell station, there is a path. Follow the path around the field. When you get back on the road, follow it 400 meters until you enter Indre Torg in Nesbyen. Cross Indre Torg past the large boulder and walk up towards Gamle Nes. Follow the idyllic gravel road to Sorenskrivergården, then right to Møllevegen. At the end of the gravel road, turn left towards Hallingdal Museum. Follow Møllevegen straight ahead 400 meters until you return to the museum. When you get to the museum, you cross the bridge over Rukkedøla. Then you follow the path on the north side down along Rukkedøla. After following the path, you will return to Hajembrua and the starting point.

Have a good trip!

Last updated: 06/29/2022

Source: Nesbyen

Roundtrip Nesbyen

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