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Baneheia outdoor area

Walking, jogging or a cross-country skiing trip. There's always something to do at Baneheia all year round.

Baneheia extends right up to the Kvadraturen in Kristiansand, and is a much used walking, keep-fit and recreational area.

The nature park was developed and planted by General Wergeland and his troops in the 1870-80's, after many years use as pasture and for woodcutting. There are rambling paths, lighted trails, keep- fit trails, special trails for the disabled, forest paths, culture trails, swimming and fishing spots, lookout points and a thriving bird and animal life.

Access is easy from the nearby communities, or directly from Kvadraturen in the very heart of town.

Recommended maps: Baneheia og Bymarka and Skråstadheia.

Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Visit Kristiansand

Baneheia outdoor area

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