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Tropicana Badeland

Tropicana is one of Norway's largest combined indoor and outdoor water parks. Mega slides, wave pools, caves, and the Wild River provide insane fun for both adults and children. Our two largest indoor slides are a whopping 106 and 98 meters long. There's a dedicated jungle area for the little ones, with water that is only 35 cm deep. A sauna is available for effective relaxation for adults.

Wave pool – high waves all year round
Under a glass roof in tropical surroundings, the waves crash against Tropicana Beach. Comfortable temperature in the air and water! Sit by the water's edge and let the waves wash over your body. Take a journey around the wave pool, exploring the cave with waterfalls, playing cat and mouse in the flow channel, and then down the twisting waterslide. You can sway in the shallows or deeper water when the waves start. Watch out for small and large water cannons! Pools and small slides are built with stones from Hemsila, and in the hot tub, you can relax in the warmth after a long swim.

Mega slides – thrilling stomach drops
There's guaranteed a tickle in your stomach when you stand at the top of the 12-meter-high Tropicana tower and decide which water slide to choose. Will you take the giant slide where you sit in a rubber ring and slide down the curves with water splashing? Or will you take the narrower path where you throw yourself into a wild ride full of light effects? Regardless of the route choice, you'll experience spiral tunnels and a fun ride before ending up in the water park with a big splash!

Jungle Land – Children's tropical paradise
The smallest children have their own exotic jungle land, with both animals and exciting jungle sounds befitting a true tropical paradise. The water here is only 35 cm deep and maintains a higher temperature than the main pool. The area is conveniently located near the parent-favorite Palm Garden, at a clear and reassuring distance from the wave pool and slightly more challenging activities.

Summer Park – Outdoor slides and sunspots
Children can safely enjoy water activities in the summer park while adults relax and soak up the sun in cozy surroundings. From the top of the hill, you can choose between two waterways that end in separate pools. On large rubber rings, you travel down the Wild River in fast turns and end with a deep splash into the water. The broad slide takes you into the mini pool, where you can swim ashore. Right next to it, you can enjoy the sun and leisure in the green area. There are park furniture and sun loungers for free use.
The summer park is open during the school's summer vacation. Check our opening hours for exact dates.

Palm Garden – Recreation and well-being
Palm Garden is the place for those who want to unwind in peaceful surroundings. In Palm Garden, you'll find the Tropicana Kiosk, and through a glass wall, you can view the rest of the water park and keep an eye on the rest of your group. Next to Palm Garden is Children's Jungle Land. Palm Garden can be rented for events outside opening hours. You can organize a Caribbean evening with Cuban food, Hawaiian leis, Cuban music, and attire here. Feel free to contact us for more information and prices.

Tropicana Kiosk
Next to Palm Garden, you'll find the Tropicana Kiosk. Here, simple hot meals, ice cream, snacks, and various drinks are available for purchase. Beer sales start at 11:00. It is also possible to buy swimwear, arm rings, and diving goggles, as well as swim diapers and the rental of bath towels. The cashless kiosk only accepts cards, Vipps, or room charges. The kiosk and ticket sales close one hour before closing time.

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Tropicana Badeland

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