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Finse 1222

Finse1222 is the hotel which is located on the highest point of the Bergen Railway, 1222 meters above the sea level. Finse is only reachable by train or on foot, the platform is located 2,5 hours east of Bergen and just 4,5 hours west of Oslo. The hotel is located on the platform with a fantastic view of amongst other things, the glacier Hardangerjøkulen. Finse is surrounded by stunning scenery of the beautiful mountain nature, both in winter and summer. Finse1222 is open for the winter season from January to the end of May, and the summer season is open from July to the end of September. The hotel has 41 rooms and 109 beds.

Last updated: 02/03/2022

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Finse 1222

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