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Via Ferrata Trogfjell


The tall, smooth side of the mountain Trogfjell is very characteristic and the landmark of the town Åmli.

The term Via Ferrata originates from Italian and means iron path. It is a fixed climbing route with iron sprouts that are attached to the rock. You are secured by a steel cable with a special via ferrata set.

The climb in Åmli consists of 300 of these iron sprouts and is 200m tall with a climbing distance of 240m.

Previous climbing knowledge is not required to take park in the tour. Normal fitness will be sufficient, but you should not be scared of heights. With previous experience the route can also be climbed without guide.

Equipment and Tour guides: Visit Wilderness.
Car park left river side at the Elvarheim Museum, 15 minute walk to start of route.

Rules for using the Trogfjell Via Ferrata
1. Everyone climbs on their own responsibility, even with guide.
2. There must be at least two climbers at the same time, climbing alone is not allowed.
3. The Via Ferrata cannot be climbed without proper knowledge.
4. People under the age of 18 must climb with an adult.
5. Note your name and the time you start climbing in the book at the entry.
6. There must be at least a one hour gap in between groups.
7. An approved climbing harness must always be used, Via Ferrata sling and climbing helmet.
8. Loose objects, like cameras or mobile phones must be attached to a string.
9. Do not throw loose stones. There might be people underneath.
10. You must be in good physical condition.
11. It is not allowed to climb while drunk or under the influence of substances.
12. Do not use the Via Ferrata while there is ice and snow or during a thunderstorm.

Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Arendal Turistkontor

Via Ferrata Trogfjell


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