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Sandøya island

Sandøya is a beautiful small island community outside Tvedestrand in Southern Norway.

Sandøya, outside of Lyngør and Tvedestrand in Southern Norway, is a car-free, beautiful and exotic destination.

It lives approx. 200 permanent residents on a year-round basis on Sandøya island. No cars. Only bikes. And lots of nice trails that take you to gorgeous bay bays and rocky mountains.

Made on Sandøya
Several artists and creative souls have found their paradise out here. For visitors, this means you can visit art galleries, candle holders, designers and many other exciting places selling locally made crafts. Many of these industry players collaborate and you can read more about them on the website "Made on Sandøya" (in Norwegian).

Sandvika beach is located approx. 10 minutes walk from the store (Sandvikkilen stop with the boat). This is a perfect bay if you are traveling with kids.

One of "11 Insanely Beautiful Lesser-Known Islands Around The World"
Forbes visited Sandøya in 2019 and here are some of Kristen Kellogg, Founder of Border Free Travels wrote:

"If you're into water and want a quiet place to relax and take in all the nature surrounding you Sandøya Island in Southern Norway is it. Though close to the mainland, you can only get to the island via boat. And the coolest thing about it is that the island doesn't allow cars. About 200 residents call it home year-round. Visitors can stroll the island on foot and shop at tiny stores along the one road (more like a small path). Pass wandering goats, dine casually over locally produced food and beer, and just enjoy the slow Norwegian life. Up Norway can arrange everything for you from on the water and on the ground experiences to unique and cozy accommodation for your escape." 

Read more:

Transport to Sandøya
Sørlandets Maritime operates the ferry to Sandøya via Hagefjordbrygga, Hauketangen and Haven. For updated timetable and ticket prices, visit their website:

If you want to book a ride or have any questions, contact Sørlandets Maritime AS:

Office: +47 37 16 68 88
Mobiel: +47 976 49 861
Taxi boat Lyngør: +47 41 45 41 45
Taxi boat Sandøya: +47 957 44 500

Source: Arendal Turistkontor


Sandøya island

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