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Parking for motorhomes

At Høgedal you can park your motorhome for free.

Høgedal is located 2 km northwest of Arendal center. There is also a water post on site.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk down to the center. There is a new walkway through the mountain from the roundabout on Myrene via the parking garage P-Hus Vest with an exit in the shopping center ALTI Arendal which shortens the distance even more.

Buses from Bjønnes to / from the city center. You can find all times on AKT's travel app and www.akt.no.

Map: check the google map link to see the road from the car park to the city center. NB! The new walkway through the mountain / parking garage does not appear on google maps! The driveway is to the left of the KIWI store.

Last updated: 08/11/2023

Source: Arendal Turistkontor

Parking for motorhomes

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