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Hike to the summit of Hadvardshei

A beautiful walk to magnificent views, through the characteristic Sirdal landscape.

Starting point: park at the upper carpark at Ådneram ski lift located just off Bergetjødn.

Description: from the carpark, follow the road/ski trail that runs down the mountain, at the first intersection turn right and follow the trail that runs south of the lake. At the end of the lake you will see three tracks, follow the middle one. On top of the hill, turn right and follow the trail to the top of the ski lift . Allow about 25 minutes to the top of the lifts. Cross under the lifts and continue northeasternly along the narrow path. In general you should follow the ridge of the mountain. After a short journey you will reach a small marsh, here turn right down a small glen, before again going up the mountain edge, first through a small birch wood, then across two small valleys. After approximately 15 minutes walk round the mountain, bearing north on the small mound from which you see Rubedalstjødna on the left handside, and Hassteinstjødn in the distance on the right. Go down the hill and cross the valleys that cross here, before you climb up the slightly steeper slopes in a northwesterly direction. When the path becomes less visible continue up the mountain ridge. Keep to the left and follow the stone cairns that will lead you back to a small tarn. Allow 25 minutes. At the tarn, turn west. You cross a stream that flows out of the tarn and pass similar small tarns. After a short anount of time you will cross the valley creek that runs east-west. Hadvardshei is now to your left, take the easiest road to the top where you can enjoy a 360 degree view over the mountain moors.

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Suleskard Fjellsenter
Stavanger Turistforening Contact: Arild Rosnes +47 51 84 02 17

Source: Lister Reiseliv


Hike to the summit of Hadvardshei

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