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Train ride on the Rauma Line

The Rauma line is often referred to as one of Norway's most beautiful train lines. The train ride takes you through the Romsdalen valley and passes well-known attractions such as Kylling Bridge and the Trollveggen wall, and through the remote wilderness area Reinheimen National Park. 

The Rauma Railway runs through a landscape that alternates from fjord scenery at Åndalsnes, the dramatic nature up Romsdalen and under the Trollveggen to the mountain villages in the far north of Oppland.

The railway passes under well-known attractions such as Trollveggen and Romsdalshorn. At Verma, the track crosses the valley over the Kylling bridge. The track has 32 bridges and six tunnels. Raumabanen is the only railway in Møre og Romsdal.


During the trip, you will pass a number of natural attractions and these will be mentioned over loudspeakers, but we recommend that you download a free audio guide from Voice of Norway to your mobile phone. The guide provides real-time storytelling and facts as the train passes the various points of interest.

The stretch from Åndalsnes to Dombås is 115 km long, and takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. On weekdays, the train runs four times a day, and provides transfer options to the Dovrebanen north and south at Dombås (Trondhem and Oslo). Åndalsnes is the natural starting point for a number of experiences in Møre and Romsdal, and trips to Molde and Ålesund are available via corresponding TogBuss departures.

Tickets for the train can be bought from SJ Customer Center on tel. 61 25 22 00, at or on the train.

Source: VisitNordvest


Train ride on the Rauma Line

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