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Mount Litlefjellet (790 masl)

Litlefjellet mountain is situated innermost in the Venjedalen valley with fantastic views of Trollveggen cliff and the Trolltindene mountains, the Åndalsnes area and the Romsdalsfjord. It offers many great views on a relatively short walk.

When you’re standing on the top of Litlefjellet mountain, the majestic Venjetindane mountains are behind you and you can see the peak of Romsdalshorn just beside you. You’re not alone in feeling small in this massive mountain landscape, with the Rauma Railway winding its way along the beautiful Rauma river further down in the valley. Ahead is also Blånebba mountain, which is the start of the popular hike over the Romsdalseggen ridge. It’s not without reason that Arne Næss Senior once said ‘Never before have people gained so much for so little’ when standing at the top of Litlefjellet.

How to get to Litlefjellet

From Isfjorden, follow the signs to Liabygda and on to Venjedalen (toll road with card payment). Drive past Venjesdalssetra on a steep gravel road that winds its way up the terrain and on towards Romsdalshornet. The walk starts innermost in the Venjedalen valley, 1 km past Venjedalsvatnet lake.


Litlefjellet has steep mountainsides on both sides of the ridge and parts of the path up from the car park are quite steep and lofty. However, the path is well trodden and there are safety chains in one area. The walk up Litlefjellet is an ascent of about 140 meters, with the peak 800 metres above sea level. The walk from the car park takes about 20-30 minutes. Take particular care when doing the walk with young children and keep them at a safe distance from the steep mountainsides.

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: VisitNordvest

Mount Litlefjellet (790 masl)

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