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Hike Mount Litlefjellet (790 masl)

The mountain hike in Romsdalen offering the most views for the least effort! A family-friendly hike, just a 30-minute walk from Venjedalen to the top of Litlefjellet.

Litlefjellet is located at the innermost part of Venjedalen in Rauma and offers a fantastic view of Trollveggen and the Troll peaks, Åndalsnes, and the Romsdalsfjord. This relatively short hike provides an immense amount of scenery. Standing on Litlefjellet, the majestic Venjetindane looms behind you, and right beside you, you can look up to the top of Romsdalshorn. You are not alone in feeling small in this massive mountain landscape, watching the Raumabanen railway snake along the beautiful Rauma river far down in the valley. In front of you lies Blånebba, marking the start of the popular Romsdalseggen hike. It's no wonder Arne Næss Sr. once said, 'Never has man gotten so much for so little!' when standing atop Litlefjellet.

How to get to Litlefjellet

From Isfjorden, follow the signs to Liabygda and continue to Venjedalen (toll road with card payment). Drive past Venjesdalssetra (the starting point for the Romsdalseggen hike) on a gravel road that winds steeply upwards into the terrain, and further in towards Romsdalshornet. The hike starts at the innermost part of Venjedalen, 1 km after passing Venjedalsvatnet. The starting point is signposted, and there is parking available near where the trail begins.


Litlefjellet has exposed cliffs on both sides of the ridge, and parts of the trail from the parking area are somewhat steep and airy. However, the trail is well-established and secured with chains at one point. There are about 140 meters of elevation to the top of Litlefjellet at 800 meters above sea level. The hike from the parking lot takes about 20-30 minutes. Be particularly cautious if hiking with children, keeping them at a safe distance from steep sections and exposed cliff sides.


The best and most accessible time to hike Litlefjellet is during the summer season from July to September. The road usually opens at the end of June after the last snowdrifts are cleared on the stretch between Venjesdalssetra and Litlefjellet. The road may be open from mid-June to mid-October, depending on snow conditions. The road from Venjesdalssetra to Litlefjellet is not plowed in winter.

Source: VisitNordvest


Hike Mount Litlefjellet (790 masl)

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