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Salmon Eye - World's largest floating art installation


Learn more about the aquaculture industry aboard Salmon Eye, the world's largest floating art installation located in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. The restaurant Iris is also located inside Salmon Eye. Ever experienced expedition dining?

Salmon Eye is more than a visitor center for the aquaculture industry! Located in the heart of the Hardangerfjord, the fish eye-shaped bulding is the world's largest floating art installation. 

Salmon Eye takes you through a learning experience where you get to dive into the aspects of aquaculture. 

The learning experience, which costs 349 NOK for adults and 149 NOK for children, starts at the pier in Rosendal and includes: 

- Transport to Salmon Eye in one of the fully electric boats Malm and Melder.

- A 2 hour guided tour on Salmon Eye (Larger groups can request tours at other times).

- The tour is normally in Norwegian, unless otherwise is indicated in the booking. 

At Salmon Eye, you will also find the restaurant Iris which offers a unique 18-course tasting menu. The concept is called "Expedition dining", as it is a culinary journey from start to end. 

An advisory panel with representatives from research, management, industry, and environmental protection has been involved in developing the learning experience at Salmon Eye. Through a detailed and carefully considered presentation of the aquaculture industry, you get to see the industry from new perspectives and are encouraged to reflect on how it works today.

The aim is to inspire and inform about how we can provide the world with more food from the ocean. All industries leave footprints, both positive and negative, and Salmon Eye sheds light on how the aquaculture industry affects our world. What opportunities and challenges exist within the aquaculture industry?

At Salmon Eye, you will also find the restaurant Iris, which offers a unique 18-course tasting menu in form of the concept "Expedition dining".

How to get to Salmon Eye and Restaurant Iris?

There are several ways to reach Rosendal, where Salmon Eye and Restaurant Iris are located. Here are some options:

From Bergen:

By car:

Via Gjermundshamn ferry terminal: 2.5 hours

Via Tørvikbygd and Jondal: 3 hours

Hardangerfjordekspressen Rødne: A fjord cruise that takes less than 2 hours from Bergen to Rosendal. This can also be boarded from Bergen Airport Flesland.

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS


Salmon Eye - World's largest floating art installation


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