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Hike to Vøringsfossen waterfall

Experience the Vøringsfossen waterfall at close range. Feel the power of the waterfall cascading down from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. This is a spectacular hike through a wild canyon.

Parking at Fossatromma / Vøringfoss Cafeteria, about 17 km from the centre of Eidfjord along route 7. Alternative parking (if available space) about 2 km before Fossatromma at Storegjel, at the upper end of the Måbø tunnel.

Starting point at Fossatromma. Follow the old road for about 2 km until you get to Storegjel. Information board at Storegjel. Follow the old road for about 300 meters.The trail is signposted “Vøringsfossen” where the descent into the canyon starts.

Rough terrain, partly crossing areas with large rocks. Might be wet and slippery, be careful! First part on tarmac road.

Necessary equipment: sturdy hiking boots.

Elevation 650 – 400 metres above sea level.

Length 3.7 km from Fossatromma/1.7 km from Storegjel (one way).

Duration 2-3 hours from Fossatromma/1.5 hours from Storegjel (return hike)

NOTE! The bridge over the river by the waterfall is closed at the moment because it's unsafe to cross!!!

​​​​​Season May/June – October (do not hike when there is snow).

Are you in Eidfjord without a car? Rent a car at Eidfjord Autorent.

Last updated: 04/26/2023

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

Hike to Vøringsfossen waterfall

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